Making decisions when you’re in analysis paralysis


Art installation by David Shrigley featured at Art Basel 2018 in Basel.

You either let them in, or you don’t. What are you afraid of?
You either jump in with two feet, or you don’t. What are you afraid of?
Would you rather choose, or have it be chosen for you? What are you afraid of?

Would you rather be the decider, the creator of your life, or allow life to happen TO you as you sit idly by, paralyzed by indecision? WHAT are you afraid of?

What I’ve been learning recently is that the point is no longer necessarily WHAT I’m afraid of, or over-analyzing why I am/am not doing something. It’s about being able to make decisions, and FULLY accepting them with all the things they may or may not bring, DESPITE any fear of the unknown, neuroticism, worry.

Lately, the challenge I’ve been rising up to is making a DECISION in the face of indecision, and letting the chips fall where they may. And believing that I am capable of handling anything that comes my way.

No more getting stuck in analysis paralysis. No more toiling, twisting & turning, sitting on a decision for days, weeks, months, even YEARS. You’d be surprised how freeing that is.

“Come in. Don’t come in” –> You choose.

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