Spirituality & Intuition

@WhereHappinessBegins_ Spirituality and Intuition

I’m a spiritual person. I regard my intuition very highly.
Two things I’ve always been afraid to say/proclaim.
Because it sounds fluffy, a little too hippie-dippie, and goes against the logical and rational side of my brain. It’s not foolproof, and it isn’t scientifically proven, and yet I believe.
• I believe in this thing called a ‘gut feeling’.
• I often listen to my inner voice.
• I use tarot cards and numerology when I’m called to it
• I believe in signs from the universe.
Because I’ve experienced coincidences that are too coincidental, and my inner voice has yet to steer me wrong.
This doesn’t mean I haven’t BEEN wrong about some things or people – I can’t read minds after all – but I’m always steered in the right direction. As long as the guidance is coming from my TRUE inner voice, and not from fear, lack, or anxiety.
Some may assume that my ‘intuition’ simply tells me what I want to hear. But often what comes up is quite the opposite: a hard truth that, deep down, I know is right. Even if I don’t want to hear it.
What I think is most important is being able to utilize logic, intuition, and fact congruently in all decision making. However, you can think just about anything to death, and never get anywhere.
At some point, you’ve just got to trust yourself, trust you have all the facts you need to know, and take the leap. 💫

🌻 #WhereHappinessBegins
Illustration via @spiritdaughter

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