Magic Hour in Paris


Early mornings and magic hour.

None so beautiful as when the gentle light kisses his lover’s face. Bathed in loved, bodies intertwined; basking in the hopes of an eternal tomorrow.

Location: Paris, France
Highlights: The view from my hotel window of cars passing by, navigating the roundabout. A flock of Parisians at the bistro across the street, starting their mornings with the ritual espresso and accompanying “C” – croissant or cigarette. Or both.

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When in Basel… featuring artwork by Bacon Giacometti


When in Basel…

There’s something to be said about the quiet stillness of an art gallery, or museum; a temple, or cathedral; the sound of calm ocean waters pushing up against the shore, or the profound vastness and silence at the top of a mountain.

It’s interesting how chaotic life will get, and it’s not until I have some quiet time alone that I notice just how LOUD life was getting. Some people find silence deafening. I find a loud, distracted life deafening because I am unable to hear and be connected to my inner voice and thoughts.

I start to live a very ordinary and reactive life, floating from place to place, staying super “busy” with no clear intention. Running in place with nowhere to go, as I like to call it.

Tonight, no matter where I am, what I’m doing, or who I’m with – I will be grounded, I will be loving, I will be present, and find moments of stillness even in the chaos.

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Love in Chicago


To me, happiness begins right here. At 640am, with the love of my life, straight from the airport after over 12 hours of travel from Vancouver > Seattle > Chicago, because it was too early to check into our Air BnB.

Whenever I see this photo, I’m filled with so much joy. I love how the shadows complement the light (as they always do). And the quietness of the coffee shop just before the 730am rush.

Location: La Colombe Coffee on N. Clark & Foster Ave, Chicago, Illinois
Highlights: Almond milk cappuccino; Almond milk ‘Pure Black and Tan’ draft latte

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