Choosing happiness over suffering


What happens when your internal dialogue is your worst enemy? Lately I’ve been struggling with the ACTION of choosing happiness over suffering.

Am I a masochist, addicted to pain?? My actions and behaviours as of late would certainly say so!

Conceptually, saying NO to all which doesn’t serve you is freaking fantastic. I generally have an easy time saying No to the things outside of myself (maybe too easy). But whether it’s habitual neural pathways, or a mental/emotional addiction to pain and internal drama, some days I just can’t seem to break the trappings of my turbulent inner voice.

The voice that tells me I’m not good enough; the one that is paranoid, fearful, judgemental, jealous, and anxious.

So what to do? For started I’ve been…

  • Allowing my thoughts to simply exist, without labelling them wrong or making them a big deal
  • Filtering out distracting thoughts – particularly unproductive negative thoughts – by focusing on the actual results I want to achieve at the end of the day
  • Reminding myself of my overall core values in life and of the person I want to be
  • Observing all these thoughts, making note of them, and reserving judgement

I guess we’ll see how it goes! Happy Friday.

Instagram @WhereHappinessBegins_

Illustration by @abbiepaulhus

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